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About Maa And Co

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, Serving Water Softening Plant, Industrial RO Plant, Water Treating Solutions at the best rates.

Water is the most basic and required resource without which imagining life is not only difficult but impossible. Saving water is not the only best option at this stage, when nature is giving many threats. Along with saving water, using of used water but in recycled form is also benefiting. Educating about the former and producing machinery for the latter so that a huge spread helps masses think about saving water, is Maa And Co., often known as a progressive company. The reason for which we are known as progressive is simple because we are working to make a better tomorrow, a tomorrow where coming generation gets pure water for drinking, washing and for other purposes. We are an exporter and a manufacturer by nature. The variety that we have been bringing forth since our formation in the year 2010 includes Woltmann Type Water Meter, Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Water Softening Plant, Commercial R.O. Plant, Water Treatment Plant, STP Plant, Industrial RO Plant and others.
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